Harana the Movie Production is Completed

Hello everyone. I know I have not blogged for almost a year. But the answer will be obvious as the fruit of my labor on various projects slowly unfold one by one this year.

The most significant among them is the completion of Harana the movie which I co-produced with Fides Enriquez. Six years in the making and directed by Benito Bautista, Harana is a documentary of my search for the last surviving practitioners of a vanished Filipino custom of serenading. Although my interest in it lies more towards discovering previously unheralded songs, no movie about harana will be complete without highlighting the romantic endeavor itself.

We are happy to report that we’ve successfully staged a true harana where we helped a young man from Vigan, Ilocos Sur serenade the unsuspecting woman he’s been in love with for 2 years. He finally declared his love through harana accompanied by the most authentic practitioners that we found from our search. What a night  – everything was caught on film! You’ll just have to wait and see it when Harana is released later this year.

In the meantime, here is the official trailer. Enjoy!

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5 Responses to Harana the Movie Production is Completed

  1. I look forward to get me a genuine copy of this documentary in the Philippines, may I please know how I can avail of this? Please advise me. Thanks.

  2. Hello Tito. The Harana movie will hit the festival rounds this year. Will let you know through this blog when it’s showing in Manila. Cheers!

  3. gabe says:

    magiging available din ba ‘to para sa mga wala sa pilipinas? please let us know.

  4. Hi Gabe. Yes it will be available in the US this year. Will announce showings in this blog. Cheers!

  5. Rudy Mamaril says:

    I am the proud owner of your two “Harana” CD’s which I purchased in San Francisco a few years ago. It will be pure pleasure to have a copy of this documentary when it is available here in the United States. Kudos to you and the rest of the production for the completion of a most noble and worthy venture.

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